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Hennekam Wine Consultancy

Wine Career Coaching

Wine Career Coaching

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Secure your passport to a successful career

Throughout her career, Priscilla has faced challenges such as language and cultural differences, being a member of a minority group and feeling constrained by the traditional view on what working in the wine industry should be. But the combination of her growth mindset and continuous effort has made her a reference in the wine sector in Brazil and Australia.

Priscilla learned that the answers she needed were often not taught within traditional wine education, and has studied hard to better understand herself, different personality types, traditional business skills and how to communicate well in the digital age. Combined with her experiences living and travelling around the globe, Priscilla brings a very different collection of skills to the wine industry that allows her to provide unique insights on how to make the most of your career.

Book one session to meet Priscilla, discuss your goals, complete and understand a basic personality type assessment.
Book 10 sessions to follow up the initial session and really understand yourself, your purpose and to design and implement a plan to put you on the path to success.


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