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Hennekam Wine Consultancy

Personal Brand Consulting

Personal Brand Consulting

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Stand out from the crowd

People are no longer judged by their job titles or qualifications when it comes to deciding whether or not to work with them. When people know who you are and how you can help them to grow, they will contact you, regardless of what you studied or which company you worked for in the past.

We all want to work with people we’re inspired by, and this is true for companies as well as individuals. Personal branding allows you to communicate what you have to offer, and who you are, so that those around you can determine if they want to support your endeavours.

Having built her own personal brand from scratch after losing her job during the COVID pandemic, Priscilla knows what does and doesn't work, and can teach you how to increase your exposure and audience, with the right people, so that your personal brand opens new opportunities for you.

Book one session for some general advice and easy steps to boost your brand.
Book 5 to get a detailed custom plan and have Priscilla turn you into the go-to person in your niche.


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