Exporting wine to Brazil: unlock the untapped potential

Is your company planning to venture into the thriving Brazilian wine market?

In 2023, Australian wine exports experienced a decline of 10%, and they are facing challenges even in their traditionally strong markets like the UK and the US. However, amid this landscape, Brazil emerges as a beacon of opportunity. With a population of over 211 million, it's one of the fastest-growing wine markets globally.

Hennekam Wine Consultancy is the solution you need to overcome the unique challenges and achieve success in exporting to Brazil. We understand the culture and the market, and we know how to equip you to succeed!

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A lucrative yet challenging market

Brazil offers immense potential, and the numbers speak for themselves. While global wines sales have been declining, the Brazilian wine market has been on an impressive growth trajectory, with an annual increase in wine consumption of 8% over the last five years, and it's projected to continue expanding.

Despite the lucrative prospects, Brazil's wine market isn't without its complexities. Regulatory hurdles, language barriers, and geographical distances can be daunting. However, these very challenges have created a unique advantage: limited competition from other Australian producers in the Brazilian market.

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Your gateway to success in Brazil

To navigate this promising yet intricate market, you need a specialized consultancy and a well-connected partner.

Priscilla Hennekam is a reference in the wine sector, with intimate knowledge of Brazilian culture and its market behavior. In her career, she has helped multiple brands to expand their business and position themselves in the Brazilian market.

Hennekam Wine Consultancy is your gateway to success in Brazil. With our expertise and extensive network, we can help you seize the best opportunities and put your wines in this exciting market.

Capture the Brazilian opportunity

If you're looking for new possibilities to expand your wine business, don't miss out on the Brazilian market. Get in touch with us to explore the untapped potential and chart your course to success.

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