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Do you often wonder how you can further develop your brand, connect it to the world and invest in unexplored market opportunities? Hennekam Wine Consultancy is the key to making new connections and unlocking unlimited opportunities.

Let our Executive Networking Service take your brand to a whole new level!

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A network embracing the world of wine

Priscilla Hennekam is a reference in the world of wine. She has built an extensive network throughout her career, covering the entire wine production chain.

With experience in three countries - Brazil, Argentina and Australia - plus knowledge of more than 21 wine regions in nine European countries and industry contacts across the globe, Priscilla is your ideal partner to discover new and prosperous horizons.

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Ready to expand your possibilities in the world of wine?

Throughout her career, Priscilla overcome countless challenges, learned invaluable lessons and achieved considerable success. She credits this largely to the relationships she has built and fostered throughout that time.

Priscilla's network has opened new, often hidden, doors for her - let it do the same for you.

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