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Are you ready to take a leap in your career and figure your purpose out? Priscilla's inspiring story is proof that any challenge can be overcome with determination and passion.

Invest in Wine Career Coaching today and discover the journey to your professional success, with the experience of those who have already walked this path.

From a young dreamer to a wine expert

At 22 years old, Priscilla took a bold step leaving her homeland to venture to Argentina, and dive head first into the world of wine. She later packed her bags again, this time for Australia, continuing to expand her horizons and knowledge.

Priscilla faced challenges such as language and culture, but her growth mindset and continuous effort made her a reference in the wine sector in Brazil and Australia.

Imagine how many learnings and challenges she faced on this journey?

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Building your successful career in wine

Now, with all the accumulated experience, challenges surpassed and dreams achieved, we can help you overcome any obstacle, break new ground and succeed in the world of wine.

If you work with wine and want to deliver your best performance, Career Coaching with Priscilla is your shortcut to the top.

Secure your passport to a successful career

Start your rewarding journey by scheduling a session with Priscilla. See how this guidance from someone who understands the market will transform your career and help you find your true purpose in the world of wine.

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